The good life


gay Italy You really don’t know how good you have it.

Until you talk to someone who is in the shit.

Gay life in Dublin is far from perfect.

But we have civil rights.

We can socialise.

Be out and have a fulfilling life.

And need not hide in the dark.


Imagine living in a western European country where you could not.

The country?


The city Milan.

You would think that you could be out and proud.

The home of fashion and Italian fabulousness.

But no.

There is a constant fear of losing your job.

You are considered ill.

Often abandoned by lifelong friends.
With an assumption that you must have AIDS.


What is this doing to Milan’s gay community?

It’s almost impossible to be out.

This has a huge strain on the mental health of gay men.

Gay men are in constant fear of gay bashing, and being outted.

Men can’t have relationships, just quick hook ups with no prospect of more.

You are essentially denied a fulfilling life.


I was asked why Italy was in such a mess?

The answer is obvious.

Liberal, outward looking Italians leave.

Much to Italy’s loss.

And our benefit.

These are the things you talk about after spit roasting a hot Italian bottom.


It makes me sad to know that even here in the EU gay men are oppressed.

We talk about gay rights in Africa and far off places.

But we need to look closer to home.

Things are not so rosey.


So how am I going to make this better?

My new Italian friend is coming to visit.

We are going to tear up Dublin.




Topless dancing!!

Lots of riding.

With hot, friendly, confident Irishmen.

Even if it’s only for a weekend, he’s going to be free to live.

4 thoughts on “The good life

  1. So sad to think people are still living in the dark ages. Who cares if your gay, bi or straight? You should be able to express who you are & not feel like you’re being judged. Complete bullshit if you ask me.

  2. You’re absolutely right, I live in Milan and it is really sad, things are really so. In southern Italy it is even worse!

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