Closet case?


secret love

Could you ever date a man that was in the closet?

Hell, we’ve all been there.

Then you grow a pair and tell the world to go fuck itself while you live your life.

But how about a man who has no intention of ever leaving it?


My friend Mr J is dating that man.

Not that we have any proof.

No one has met the man.

We’re not allowed to.

So no double dates.

No going over to friends as a couple.

No dancing the night away in gay clubs.


In fact no doing anything together that would let the world know they are together.

I’m sorry but that is a crock of auld shite.

What kind of life is this?

A life spent in the dark.

We live in Ireland not Uganda.

I’m not impressed.


But Mr J tells me he loves him.

And the guy loves him back.

But what kind of love is this?

He doesn’t love him enough to come out.

Is it important to come out?

Of course it is.

It’s important to live a free, open, fulfilling life.

You can’t do that with lies.


I know that  Mr J wants us to meet him.

To show him off.

So that we can see in him what Mr J loves so much.

Why wouldn’t he.

That’s the pride of love.

But it’s not going to happen.

And that breaks his heart.

And if it breaks his heart it breaks ours.

So he will never be good enough for our friend.


What do think, are we right?

4 thoughts on “Closet case?

  1. I’ll probably regret saying this, but…You’re right. 🙂

    He definitely doesn’t sound good enough. 😦

  2. You’re absolutely right Paddy. No one is asking the dude to walk around with the gay pride flag. If he wants to be in the closet that is fine for him but he can’t make that decision for anybody else. His punk ass need to grow a pair and man up.

  3. You are right. But as wrong as it is maybe he’s hiding for a different reason. Maybe just maybe he has a wife.

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