Sibling rivalry



There is nothing worse than having a gay sibling.

It’s a constant battle over who can be the best gay.

Who has the best looks?

The best wardrobe,

The best ex’s,

The most sex,

The best handbags.


How can he be gay?

I’m the gay one.

I own this shit.

OK so he was gay first.

But I came out first.

I called dibs.

Dublin isn’t big enough for the two of us.

Oh fuck.

He pissed off to London.

He had to out gay me again.


Why do my friends all want him?

He’s just my brother.

How irritating.

Why won’t he do the decent thing?

And marry a fat auld queen.


I guess I should be happy.

For him.

And not just me.

I don’t know why.

But don’t people always tell you to be happy?

Drugged up fucks.

We can’t all take Valium!


Anyway, he’s coming to visit.

So I’m rounding up all my A list friends.

Even that guy I fucked who was in Eastenders.

OK, he’s more C list.

Anyway, its time older brother learned his place!


9 thoughts on “Sibling rivalry

  1. Damn, would love to have a gay brother…mine’s str8. He’s cool…love him and all…but he just doesn’t get it…clueless, LOL! To actually be able to talk to him (and have him understand)…now that would be flippin’ awesome!

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