Who’s your daddy?

gay daddy

Hell no!

Mark my words!

No good will come of this.

Shit is just fucked up!

You are going to regret this.

Regret what?

Becoming a sperm donor.


Who ever heard of such foolishness?

Gay men should not donate sperm.

To other men, yes.

To random women?



Why am I so against it?

Who would not want some A-grade gay spunk?

Firstly, is there really so much A-grade stuff about?

Can we really afford to waste it on women?

Secondly, the sprog will come find you when he or she  turns 18.


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Your baby Daddy!



Now you get it.

This is not some harmless shot in the dark.

There will be consequences.

You need to be able to tell this kid why you donated your cum to a stranger.

And you better have something good to say.


OK, so why do you actually want to do this?

I mean, yeah I get you might want kids.

To love and nurture.

But this is just a jerk off into a glass.

Only thing you will be loving is yourself, as you watch porn in some clinic.


I’m doing it to bring happiness to childless couples.

Say what?

That sounds awfully formulaic.

Like an advertising slogan….

I like it, but I don’t believe you.


No, I really am doing it to help childless couples.

Oh Fuck off!

One of us is an asshole.

Oh shit.

It’s me!
Why can’t I accept that he may just be doing this for all the right reasons?

I really am a jaded fuck.

OK, fine.

You want to donate your spunk, I will totally support you.

Do you need a fluffer?

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