Fuck Me Friday: get me me ole!

gay seduction

What does one do if one’s hubby has gone off sex?

Does one just suck it up?

Or does one go out and get laid?

This is my friend Eamon’s dilemma.

His hubby is on the sex wagon.


The poor wretched creature had not sex in over 6 months.

Just the odd drunken fumble, and half hearted blow job.

How sad.

No, it’s more than sad, it’s positively heterosexual.


What’s a friend to do?

Fuck him of course.

So like a true friend I offered up my ass.

And like a starving man, he pounded my head into the headboard.


As you can imagine it didn’t last long.

He was extremely apologetic.

It’s understandable.

You’ve not had your hole in months, relax it’s no big deal.

Now let me cum in your face!


Of course this is not a solution to his woes.

I can’t pop around to his place every time he’s horny.

He needs to bone his husband.

So why aren’t they having sex


I had to ask: are you being an asshole to him?

There is nothing worse than being a dick.

It’s a total boner killer!


He assures me that he is his normal charming self.

The hubs has just gone off it.

Well he needs to go back on it.

And that will require seduction.

Wine him.

Dine him.

Complement him.

Take him home and ravish him.

What’s the point of being a top if you can’t take charge and get what you want?

I’m sure he is a latent bottom.

So it’s agreed, I will mentor him and get them fucking again.

So help me god!


Though I have to admit my motivation is not entirely altruistic.

His hubs is a total ride and I intend on riding the hole off him!


Have you ever gone off it?

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