Gay Divorce

gay divorce

Well it happened.

The first divorce in my homo-chollo  circle.

They were hardly married.

In fact they were civil partnered.

What’s that?

Its a way of telling gays they will never be equal to straights.


I don’ have any sympathy for them.

Why they hell did they do it in the first place?

They should have taken my advice.

Don’t do it!

It will be the death of you!

I think that’s rather clear, don’t you?

Anyhow, its over.




All they need to do now is decide how to split the music collection.

Who’s gets the 80’s vinyl,  and who gets the 90’s CDs?


Thankfully there are no kids or pets involved.

Could you imagine the drama?

The Chihuahua is mine!

Fuck you bitch, Foofoo loves me more!


And just imagine if there were kids involved?

Tarquin is going to Clongows!

No! He’s going to Blackrock!

Blackrock! I’m not having my child educated by kiddie diddlers!

I’ll see you in court!


You see gay divorces are just like straight divorces.

You bitch and moan about the same shit.

You just do it while looking great in Prada.


So I have to take sides.

Mr A or Mr A?


Who do I see myself fucking after one too many drinks?

Mr A it is.

He does have a rather hot ass and that whole George Clooney thing going on.

The moral of the story?

Don’t get married unless you are willing to get divorced!

4 thoughts on “Gay Divorce

  1. This made me laugh – SO much….
    Not because divorce is funny, but because of the picture you portray – which is brilliant, may I add….albeit rather stereotypical 😉

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