My Lord Prince Albert



When lads first see it they get a surprise.

Seems most guys have never actually seen one before.

You know, in the flesh.

They worry.

Will it chip a tooth?

Will it rip through the condom?

Will it hurt?


I spend a few explaining why I got it.

Its basically a scar on the end of my cock.

All scars are sensitive.

So its a sensitive spot, on a sensitive part of my body, on a part of me that likes to be touched.

Get it?


The ring?

Yes its big.

I’ve enlarged it over time.

Don’t worry.

It’s never ever ripped through a condom.

See, no sharp edges.

It’s hard, its steel.

You have something in you that likes to be prodded.

I have something in the end of my cock that is going to prod you.

Prod you good.

Until we both come.

Now he gets it.

In fact he gets it good.

He gets its hard.

He gets its nasty, if he’s really good.


Once I’m done explaining the bottoms go to town.

It’s just another play thing for them.

I mean, what bottom does not love cock?

So I’m onto a winner straight away.

The fact that I have a piercing in it is just an added bonus.

They run their tongues around it, through it.

Some demented souls even bite it and pull on it to see me squirm.


That normally get a hand on the backs of their heads, and a deep thrust from me.


It’s his first time, with a piercing.

So even an experienced bottom can ‘tighten up’.

But a firm push and good lube is all that is needed to break that back door down.

And then?

I’m sure you can work it out.

At the end of the day it’s just a fuck.

Move on to the next.

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