Stand by your man!



I have a confession to make.

I’ve been having a secret heterosexual affair and taking drugs.

But my husband’s sticking by me.

I’m only kidding.

It wasn’t a secret!!


What is it with married men and secret gay affairs?

What is it with women and sticking by their men?

What is it with sex and drugs?


We know what it is with sex and drugs.

Some of the best sex I ever had was on drugs.

How else do you think I managed DP?


Anyway I digress.

A British Z-lister has been having a gay affair.

You know the type, looks straight and could never possibly pass for gay.

Hasn’t slept with his wife is years and likes to snort coke off a rent boy’s money maker.

Met his bit of trade at a dogging site.

I know.

It’s a fucking horror story.


The thing that really got me was that he confessed to being impotent.

Impotent with his wife that is.


But then he would not the first gay to run screaming from the sight of a vagina.

I still have nightmares about that sex-ed video they made us watch in school.


Now I’m not throwing any shade but……

Woman what is wrong with you!?

You’re (ex) man has just said only men make him hard.

Why are you standing by him?!

I simply don’t get it.

Who is to blame for her stupidity?

Dolly Parton gets my vote.

Don’t stand by your man, stamp on your man!

Where will it all end?

I guess they will sell their story to Hello Magazine and she’ll get a new handbag.

Though I think she would be better off getting a new man.

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