Dating Mr Ugly  #gaydate


date ugly Thats fucked up.

I mean really fucked up.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was a joke.

But no.

It’s true.

Your man has started to date ugly.

It makes no fucking sense to me.

He’s a total ride.

So what is he doing dating munters?

He’s given up on his fellow rides.

Something about us being empty and self obsessed.

So how’ that working out for you? You know, dating ugly?

They may be a little uncouth, but they adore being with me.

Now who’s empty and self obsessed?

The thing with these pretty power bottoms is that they always need to be the centre of attention.

Thats why he couldn’t cope with hot tops.

They kept stealing his limelight.

Now that he’s dating ‘aesthetically challenged’ men he is always the biggest show in the bedroom.

Being a nosey bollix, I had to ask. So, are ugly guys good shags?

They can be a bit rough, you know, like a hungry man who’s no eaten in ages.

Do ugly people have as much sex as hot people?

Yes they do.


There is an ugly circuit.

Where they all fuck each other’s brains out.

Gay is gay.

But their world has been tossed up on its head.

The beasts are fighting each other to date my insatiably needy power bottom friend.

And of course he loves it.

Where will it all end?

Are you going to settle down with one of them?

Maybe….Theres this one man. Looks a bit weird but has a great body, and he loves me!

I suppose weird top trumps ugly.

But does the ‘weird’ one know that his new love thinks he’s ‘weird’?

Wouldn’t that hurt him?

Fuck no!

He’s just happy he has a hot ride under him.

Cop on bitches!

We’re men!


Are looks really that important?

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