Sexy Sunday: Urban Myths #gayerotica

gay bottoms

There is a story going around.

It’s utterly unbelievable but has people fascinated.

When I first heard it I thought: yeah right, whatever like.

But it just wont go away .

It just keeps coming up.

Much like my Mickey at the most embarrassing of opportunities.

You see, there is a rumour going around, that there is a Brazilian TOP in Dublin!

Yes, you heard that right.

A fucking Brazilian TOP!

Brazilians love Ireland.

On account of how accepting and horny we are.

But up until now, the only Brazilians that have been coming to Dublin have been Bottoms.

I lose count of how many Cocabanoa rides I’ve poked over the past 5 years.

But in all that time never have I met a Brazilian top.

I could only surmise that all Brazilians are bottoms.

As no one has actually met this mythical top I have to conclude that I’m right.

It’s a national thing right?

Like all englishmen are needy bottoms and all yanks are cocksuckers.

A friend of mine is convinced that all Polish lads are tops.

I think to make any fair comment I need to fuck a lot more Poles.

I’ll report back to you next year! Stay tuned.

But anyway, back to the urban myth.

Its obvious that this one has a life of its own.

It’s grown a pair of hairy balls and started breeding.

Could it possibly be true?

Should I go out and track this top down?

What would this guy be like?

All the Brazilian bottoms are Muscle Mary’s.

Is he the opposite?

A skinny twink top?

What an awful thought.

I think, as with all the best myths, its best to never find out.

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