Fuck me Friday: Fake Submissives


There is only one thing worse than a fake Dom.

And that’s a fake Sub.

I mean why?

Why the feck would you make out you was a Sub when in fact you are a…


What the fuck are you if you’re not a Sub or Dom?

I’ll tell you what.

You’re boring.

Thats what the fuck you are.

Who wants to fuck boring?

I’m not talking to you married women.

I should have realised there was a problem when I saw how messy is apartment was.

What kind of gay does not have a cleaner?

But no, ‘Pat, cut ye man some slack’, I tell myself.

At least he had the decency to get me a beer to drink while he sucked my cock.

Yeah….sucking my cock….…

He wasn’t all that good at it.

I mean for fuck sake.

It’s only a piercing.

It’s not going to chip a tooth.

Thankfully I know what to do when a bottom is crap at sucking cock.

Tie him up and fuck him until he sweats like a pig.

We had discussed safe words.


I knew I should have ball gagged him.

My dick was barely wet……‘RED! RED! RED!’

Serves me right for not packing my ball gag.

Three times I tried to fuck him.

Three times: RED!

In the end I lost my temper and choked him as he gagged on my cock.

At last he did something that pleased me.

I do like the sound of gagging.

Almost as much as I like choking a hot bottom.


How did it end?

I blew my load over his face.

Naturally I forbade him from coming.

I told him he could cum after I left.

Either way I didn’t care to see him blow his load.

He looked awfully confused.

So I explained it to him: me coming is all that you should be concerned about.

I’m going to teach you how to be a good Sub. Do you understand?

Yes Sir.

Can he be trained?

I don’t know.

He doesn’t seem like a natural Sub.

In fact he could pass for straight.

Fuck it, life is just too short for this shit!

One thought on “Fuck me Friday: Fake Submissives

  1. THREE THINGS. Bitch! Not being a clear sub or Dom does not make you boring!!!! Not wanting you to fuck his ass does not mean he is not a Sub, it means he is not a Bottom. And who the fuck does not want to watch someone cum. Freak! What kind of cum whore are you?

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