Fuck me Friday:  Where have all the tops gone?

Hung gay top

Where have all the tops gone?

I’ll tell you where.

They have all become bottoms.

Even the hung ones.

They were the first to convert.

When they realised what they were missing out on.

Now I love a hung bottom as much as the next guy.

But it still brings a tear to eyes.

Not literally of course.

But you get what I’m saying.

So whats left?

Just the skinny guys.

Now I love a skinny hung top as much as the next guy……

But all thats left are the skinny unhung guys.

Who in their right mind wants to get topped by a skinny kid with a small dick?

So when did we all become bottoms?

I say we.

But not me.

Oh don’t get me wrong.

I’d love to be bottom.

But I’m the last man standing.

If I don’t fuck these lads, then no one is getting any hole.

Truly I’m the last top in Dublin.

Anyway, why?



Oh yes, because it’s fecking amazing having a prostate orgasm.

I think you women would feel the same about a g-spot orgasm.

Do these exist?

I read that women made them up for the craic like.

Anyway who cares.

So yes, getting boned is great, so great in fact that we have all become selfish lovers.

Its me, me, ME!

I want to get fucked, and I want to get fucked hard and without mercy.

Those Christian Brothers have a lot to answer for!

3 thoughts on “Fuck me Friday:  Where have all the tops gone?

  1. Bwahahahahahaha.. Patrick you kill me.. Thanks for that visual and for the laugh.. I’ll try to find some Aussie Tops and send them to Dublin..

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