Is cheating ever wrong? #cheating

threesomes are not cheating

So whats worse:

To cheat or to have sex with a cheater?

I mean I’m innocent right?

It’s not like I broke any laws.

Moral or otherwise.

Did I?

The cheater is the one in the wrong, I’m just along for the ride.


Why do cheaters cheat?

Boredom I think.

I mean I’m not the love of his life.

But he does want something different.

Physically that it.

Is it really cheating if there is no mental connection?

Surely not!

There must be more to being with someone than just the physical?


When did gays become so boring?

I mean really it’s all his fault.

You know, his boyfriend.

Whats wrong with him?

Why does he not want threesomes and moresomes?

If he was a good gay his boyfriend would not be coming to me for a good rooting.


Thing is, all the gays are going that way.

You know…… hetero-conformist.

No more hot orgies.

No more drugs.

No more rent boys.

Shit is just fucked up.

And I’m not happy about it.


The thought of being boring does not appeal to me.

But am I condemned to a future of mono-sex?

Imagine that: poking the same fire for eternity……

How do straight people cope?

That must be why women have so many pairs of undies.

To try and and make it look different.

But it’s the same hole, right?


Anyway, back to my new Polish friend.

Will I do him again?

Does the thought of his heart broken hubby stop me?

Of course I’m going to do him!

I’m not boring yet!

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