Sexy Sunday: Bad Gay Bottoms

Bad Gay Bottoms

I don’t claim to be a woman.

On account of having a dick.

Nor do I claim to be straight acting.

Because I love sucking dick.

So how can a man claim to be a Bottom.

But not actually take dick up his ass?

Bad gay Bottom

Now I’d love to tell you all that I have a ten inch whopper.

Its like two cans of Red Bull (end on end)!

But I’m just me.

This guy, well I should have smelled a rat right away.

Firstly, he had unshaved balls.

What 20 something has hairy nuts?


Secondly he wore boring pants.

Boring pants = boring lover.

So anyway, I’m lining up.

Ready to make a man out of him.

My cock has barely brushed against his rosebud….

And he starts screaming.

No not, fuck yes harder!

But instead, stop it hurts, I can’t!

You have got to be kidding me!

OK maybe some more 4play.

More lube.

More poppers!

Nothing worked.

How disappointing.

Talk about the Trades Description Act.

It says on the tin ‘Bottom’.

But in fact it aint nothing of the sort.

So what to do with a recalcitrant Bottom?

Not much.

No you’re wrong.

He was not a Top.

Not in any way.

You can’t just be a ‘Top’.

A Top has attitude.

A Top has spunk.

A Top lusts after hole.

A Top is not trigger happy like this guy.

Yep that was his second cures: don’t touch my cock or I will come!

The whole thing has left me shaken.

I’m racked with self doubt.

I’m a great Top.

But after this debacle I’m not so sure.

Maybe he was just not that into me?



He was just a crap Bottom.

4 thoughts on “Sexy Sunday: Bad Gay Bottoms

      1. And you should, goddamn it! WTH type of bottom can’t take a cock? Maybe he needs some ass classes. Yeah, that’s it.

        A bottom who can’t take a cock…that’s some bullshit right there.👎

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