Training a Top

tops love ass

Tops are mean.

Tops are dominant.

Tops are rough.

Tops are men.

Tops are total pussies!

You may not think so, but its true.

But tops are wretched.

What you don’t understand is that a top is powerless creature.

Addicted to hole.

Easily ensnared by power bottoms.

Take my friend Mr G.

A typical top.

Outwardly assertive, masculine, hung, muscular, manly….

He is totally in the pocked of Mr D, his bottom.

I say his bottom, but I mean it the other way around.

Mr G is his top.

So how did it end up this way?

Mr D has an amazing bottom.

Pert, round, muscular, looks magnificent in jeans.

The kind of ass you could ganging in a garage.

Really Mr G had no chance.

Mr D is always getting his way.

Mr G will often try and put his foot down.

He is a Top after all.

But you know how it turns out.

He simply can not say no to him.


The fear.

The fear of losing access to the thing he loves most.

Mr D’s ass.

He is a Top after all.

The poor man failed to spot that he was being trained.

That all those times they have rough violent ass breaking sex,

He was the one getting owned.

Like I said Tops really are pussies.

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