Getting old

Getting old

Well it finally happened.

It was always going to happen (I was in denial for a while).

Listen up…….I am officially……… old.


choke twink


You’re wondering what’s happened?

Let me tell you.

I’m invited around to a bottom’s gaff.

Sure, why not?

I love young bottoms.

This will be fun!

It’ll be hot…….it’ll be no such thing.

So what went wrong?

It was his place.


Mess strewn about the place.

It was quite obvious that this young hottie was poor.

Very poor.

There’s nothing wrong with being poor.

And there sure is nothing wrong with being hot.


You see….

At my stage in life…..

Where I’m at……

Anyhow, I ploughed him.

Made my excuses.

Left while he was still trying to catch his breath.

I’d been choking him as we fucked.

(I was pissed off.)

On the walk back home I had an epiphany.

I’m now a precious auld queen.

Mincing around Dublin in designer clothes,

Sneering at poor homo chollo’s, while lusting after their bottoms.

Do I make a good queen?

I’d say I do.

I have all the qualities needed of an auld queer.

For one, I’m well to do.

You know nothing is more attractive to twinks than cash.

Secondly, I’m ruggedly handsome.

Those rugby scars are sexy.

Lastly, I can be a bit caustic.

I did say Queen right?

4 thoughts on “Getting old

  1. Oh my God, Darcy!!!! Let’s add delusional to the list of adjectives, while you’re at it! If you are an old Queen at 37, I do suppose we will be reading your eulogy when you hit 40. Suck it up, Biatch.

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