Ass whipped

ass whipped

He used to be a man.

He used to be someone you could look up to.

He used to be a bleeding legge.

And now?

Now he’s just another ass whipped top.

We used to go out for pints.

Chase twinks.

Snort coke off their holes.

Fuck them high on yokes.

Now he’s home in bed before 10pm every night.

He’s on a leash.

A very short leash.

Who or what did this to him.

Just some hole.

OK, maybe not just any auld hole.

Ye man has a butt you could bite.

Bite hard.

But thats no excuse for him becoming a bitch.

Hell, he may just as well become a bottom himself.

Like any good friend I tried to lure him back into the light.

I invited him to a bukakke party.

Offered him my favourite twink.

I even sent him a video of a power bottom asking him to come and fuck him.

But nothing worked.

The poor swine actually loves this bottom.

Of course it was always going to happen.

Bottoms are devious.

They spend their entire lives trying to find new and cruel ways to ensnare tops.

Well it work, my buddy is truly ensnared.

What next?

The wedding of course.

I’ll be there, happy for them, while chasing the best man’s ass.

In fact I may even shed a tear.

So here’s to love!

You suck!

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