Clingy types

There is nothing worse than a post fuck cuddler.

When he should be dressing and leaving, he’s wrapped around me.

My body language should tell him everything:

I’m leaning away from him.

Arms crossed.

Its plain and simple.

I’ve come, go home!

He finally got the idea and left.


But low and behold he messages me on Grindr.

I miss you lets hook up.

Miss me?

Hook up?!

Bonner killer.

What does that even mean?

He misses me!????

Thats crazy talk.

So I blocked him on Grindr.

But fuck my stupid ass.

I’d given him my number.

Hey man, you block me on Grindr.

Er… hello! Of course I did.

oh bitch please!

Why does he want to make this even more awkward?

Can we just no move on with dignity?

What are we, married or something?

I’m just too polite.

I should tell him to feck off.

But I don’t ant to be a biatch.

So I’m being a bitch and giving him the silent treatment.

However its not working.

Listen I get it.

I’m hot.

I’m a ride.

I’m a bleedin legge!

I can pick you up and fuck you standing up.

I stuck my tongue up you ass and choked you as I fucked you.

But hey!

Thats just a quiet night in for me.

Get over it!

snap out of it!

Not that I said that.

Hell no.

I’m far too polite.

Like I said, the silent treatment.

Eventually he will get the idea.

Move on like.

But why are some guys clingy?

I reckon they are just emotionally under developed.

What do you reckon?

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