Never fuck on your own doorstep

Never fuck on your own doorstep

hot man next door

There are something’s that you should never do.

Sleep with your brother in-law.

Seduce your local Mormon priest.

And fuck on your own doorstep.

Like a fool I somehow managed to fuck my next-door neighbour.


Now don’t get me wrong.

It was a hot fuck, but I’m full of regrets.

We keep bumping into each other.

In the street.

In the gym.

In the local store.


What do you talk about with a guy whose hole you’ve eaten out?

“Very cold today…..”

“Yeah, Baltic..”


Why do I feel so awkward?

Well he has a boyfriend.

They live together.

So actually I bump into the two of them.

How very awkward for us.

And you know what the really sad thing is?

His boyfriend is a total ride.

But sadly he’s not on Grindr.


Anyhow, I digress.

I need to learn some self-control.

But I am but a weak and feeble homo-chollo in the city.

Seduced but wanton bottoms.

In fact, if anyone is to blame it’s him, my neighbour.

As you should all know by now Bottoms are the true rulers of the gayverse.

We tops are but slaves to their sweet peaches.


Really I should block his hot ass on Grindr.

To stop me from lusting after it on those cold lonely nights.

But I am but a weak and feeble……

OK, so this is the plan.

One last fuck.

You know, for old time’s sake.

To show there are no hard feelings, apart from those between my legs.

And then that’s it.

No more…….

Until next time.

Damn I’m weak and feeble!

4 thoughts on “Never fuck on your own doorstep

  1. If this story is true, Darcy, weak and feeble would be complements, compared to what you deserve to be called!

    The title should be changed from “Never fuck on your own doorstep” to “Don’t fuck over your friends”.

    Grow some, Darcy. And I mean brain matter, not balls.

    You deserve a serious spanking, but being the top that you are……

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