Hurt me again

whipping gay subShadows arch across a broad and powerful back

They Flicker

The sweat on his neck tastes salty

Just the sounds of heavy breaths fill the air


The binds are cutting into his writs

Watching him struggle excites me

But there is no escape

And none sought


Leather stings

At first

And second

But it always pleases


Some say that you should show restraint


But I don’t

How can I?

When I hear those words

Please hurt me again


His neck is broad, strong.

It fills my hands

He never looks away

Not once

Not as squeeze the lust from us


There is something beautiful about him

Something fragile

That I want to destroy


I want to punch him

Without restraint

In the ribs

I settle on a bite


His cock is proud and hard

For some reason I hate that

I slap it

Tease him

Squeeze his balls.

It only serves to make him harder


When we fuck I pin his arms behind his back

His face pressed down into the floor

There is no finesse.

Just hurt and pleasure

And then loneliness returns

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