Sexy Sunday: Changing tastes


gay Irish Isn’t it amazing how your tastes change?

There used to be a time that I would not care for Brazilians.

And yet here I am, about to fuck two of them.

Then of course there are pale redheads.

A few years ago they were a total turn off, now I lust after them.

Oh those sexy cute freckles……

I have a power bottom friend.

He used to be married.

To a woman!

Now he’s a cockwhore.

He assures me that he used to be totes into gee.

But his taste changed.

Now he loves cock!

Fancy that!

Takes all sorts.

So what can I expect in my future?

How will my tastes change?

For the better or worse?

What do I mean by that?

Well, what if I became a sexual bore?

Sex only on a Sunday, monogawhatisit and no more group sex.

And what f I assured you that I was happy with that?

I know!

Hilarious thought isn’t it?!!

I just couldn’t imagine changing so much.

I’d be practically a straight housewife!

How pitiful.

Maybe the truth is that those tastes were always in me.

I just needed to have them brought out in me.

The right kind of Brazilian bottom has shown me the light.

You know, the type of Brazilian that’s not actually a rent boy.

And Irish lads that don’t still live home with their mammys.

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