Are you too polite to say no?

twink with bad breath

The moment I saw him I knew it was a mistake.

I say saw him, what I mean is smelt him.

Its not that he stunk.

Not exactly.


Chronic gum disease.


Brought on by smoking.

And yet……

He was so cute.

I’ve always had a hard spot for hot twinks.

But that breath……


Boner killer.

Well not exactly.

I was horny and needed to come.

OK Pat, tap it and bounce!

Oh shite I’m hosting.

I’ll just have to be a bitch and tell him I’ve come…hint hint… fuck off home.

These young kids, they love that Dom shite.

Of course it was a disaster.

I just could not get over the smell.

Even after I put half a bottle of mouthwash down him.


Forget it!

Blow job?



Would you blow a guy that you wouldn’t even kiss?

Fuck his ass?

I tried.

Really I did.


Try as I might, I just couldn’t come.

I pounded him.

Like a demented porno star on coke.

Until he asked me to stop.

(Whats that about?)

So we lay there, in bed, him trying to cuddle me.

Thats some irritating shit.

“We’re done I think”.

Who’s to blame?

Me of course.

I should have spun his ass around at my front door.

But I’m just too damned polite!


What would you have done?

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