OMG! My husband’s gay!!

I warned getting off

I told him.

I said no! Don’t do it!

Its not even like you’re a top.

You’re a bottom!

A fucking power bottom!


But no, I love her.

We’re meant to be.

It’s going to work.


It’s not even been a year.



I’m not saying I told you so.


I fecking well told you so.


He’s been sucking my dick and offering up his hole to me for the past month.

So much for marriage vows.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

Maybe they’re like in one of those open-free-love type relationships?


Nope, it’s just him who’s opening his hole.

Naturally, she only has herself to blame.

I mean what kind of woman marries a gay man?

A stupid one!


She knew.

Hell everybody knew.

I even did my best to save her from this by boning him at the stag!


So where does this leave them?

She laid down the law.

You can have as much as cock as you want but…..

You need to make me pregnant.

Oh and be discreet.


She has a point.

I mean by all means get your hole pounded by all the hairy truckers you want.

But don’t go home stinking of cum.

As for making her pregnant……

Hmmm…. she’s very pretty……and he’s a ride.

The kid would be so cute.

But I can’t help but think she’s trapping herself, not him.

Doesn’t she deserve more than that?


What’s your advice?




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