In love with the devil 


I don’t get it.

I mean why would you?

How could he do it?

He must really hate himself!

What am I talking about?

About falling in love with the Devil, a catholic priest.

Now its no great surprise that a priest would be gay.

But they normally keep themselves to themselves.

Fucking each other in the seminary and hating themselves.

They don’t normally fall for a ‘normal’ person.

They like to keep their shit repressed and secret.

Like cancer, until kills them.

Its even rarer for a normal person to fall in love with a priest.

Normally that kind of stupidity if reserved for women.

Whats with that?

Why do women always fall in love with priests?

Anyway, I’m pissed off.

He’s no ordinary guy.


He’s a power bottom.

And he’s fallen in love with a priest.

His love is heteronormative.

No threesomes for them.

No power bottom should be taken off the circuit in such dire circumstances.

Are they happy?

They say they are.

But really?


Of course not!

One is self loathing priest and the other has to fallen in love with the devil.

It will all end in tears!

But thats bottoms for you.

They really are so emotional.

This shocking story just gets worse.

Now they want to move in together.

Well would yo believe it?

What will the congregation make of it all?

The scandal!

How delightful!

Is it healthy to keep love secret, maybe its just romantic?

One thought on “In love with the devil 

  1. I have had a gay vicar for years. Although I have never checked if he or his husband is a power bottom. But it will start a conversation at the next church fete I suppose …..

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