Am I in yet?

fistingBeing a complete fake, I never really understand the consequences of what I’m doing.

I just go with it.

Ignorant of how things will potentially turn out.

So when an experienced Sub asked me to come play, what did I say?

I’m on my way!

I have to say I’ve never fucked a guy with a dildo that big before.

I’m not talking about some 10 inch plastic phallus.

No, I’m talking about a dildo the size of a child’s arm.

And that was just for starters.

Where do you go after an entree like this?

The sling of course to get fisted!

On with the gloves, squirt a good helping of j-lube and off we go.



I’m bit of a novice….

I’ve done it.

Just not much of it.

And the last time was some time ago.

But in for a penny in for a yoyo.

At first I was apprehensive.

But just like riding an ex, it all came back to me.

I was wrist deep before you could say prolapse!

Now love punch fucking a sub as much as the next person…..

But eventually you need to fuck.

With dick!

This is when my inexperience kicked in.

I really should have fucked him before I made a hoop out of his hole.

Am I in yet?

Seems I am.

Could I feel a thing?



I pounded him for 40 minutes.

Felt like 40 hours.

It was like fucking a bowl of custard.

We were both bored.

So I shoved a dildo in along with my cock.

You know…… to take up some of the slack…….

But the moment was over.

It was getting late…..

It was a school night..…

We both had work in the morning…

Will I be back?

There really is something hot about hand balling.

But next time, I’m fucking his ass first!

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