A handful in Atlanta

Gay AtlantaWell that was a real surprise.

I just didn’t know how they would feel.

Turns out that they feel just like they do on a woman.

You know, like boobs.

But then what else would titts feel like, if not like titts?

When I missed my flight back to Dublin I could have screamed.

But every cloud has a silver lining.

And thankfully Blake’s was that silver lining.

When the boys heard I had missed my flight they they were determined to make my day rock.

Several cocktails later I had managed to swap under pants with another guy.

Black and gold Calvins really suit me!

Flashed my piercing to everyone in the bar and groped the mermaids ample cleavage.

Fair is fair, I let her (encouraged) grab my junk.

Being a strange man, in strange land buys you many indulgences.

Namely in the form of kisses.

Everyone wants to kiss the man with the bizarre accent.

And why the hell not, I’m a total ride after all.

But a man needs to know where to draw the line.

The line is not after sucking off a hottie in the disabled jaxx.

I know I shouldn’t have.

But he claimed to have a nine inch cock.

How could I let such a boast go unchecked?

It was no idle boast……

And yes you’re absolutely right.

He was a complete bottom.

A ‘thirsty’ bottom.

The best kind……

Thankfully someone had the good sense to get some food into me.

But someone had the bad sense to horse more shots into me.

As you can imagine by this time my head was spinning.

So much so that I wanted to jump on the table, strip off and do River Dance!

You’ll be glad to know I settled for a kiss from my neighbour.

All good things must come to an end.

So as the clock chimed for midnight it was time to get my ass back to the airport and on a plane to Dublin.

Thanks for making my last day in America truly epic guys.

See you all in Dublin!

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