True love

perfect ass

I can’t believe he did it!

I thought we really loved each other. 

We’re still not talking. 

I’m avoiding him.

I don’t know how we’re going to get over this?

All this drama, over a twink!

Admittedly, he’s a hot twink, but just a twink!

My buddy Mr R is totes upset.

He’s mad for the auld twinks.

And when he found out that his boyfriend had ridden the hottest twink in Kerry he was gutted.

We share everything!

I’d never do this to him! 

I really can’t trust him anymore. 

Lord give me the strength not to biatch slap Mr R!

Has he really done something that bad?

I mean OK so he rode a hot twink without you.

And that is truly unforgivable but……

But yeah!

How could he do that without you.

There is only one way to put this right.

Mr R must fuck this twink and force Mr B to watch.

He’s not allowed to join in, or touch himself biblically.

That will learn him!

Learn him good.

You see Mr R is not the jealous type.

No, not at all.

He’s just like me.

He does not want to miss out on the craic.

And this boys craic is fierce.

Whats the point of being gay if you have to live by hetro norms?

You may as well just give up and move to the suburbs.

Maybe you think just because he gays want to get married,

that we’ve finally become boring auld farts.

No, we haven’t!

Well not me anyway.

So as a true friend I’m going to be the peacemaker.

I’ve arranged for a clear the air threesome.

They can both ride the twink, ruin his man-gee and put this sorry episode behind them.

After all twinks are ten-a-penny.

But true love, thats as rare as hens teeth.

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