Ex Grindr shags

gay gym

It’s true whet they say.

Familiarity does indeed breed contempt.

Bumping into the same Grindr shag time after time in the gym has made me wonder why?

Why the fuck did I fuck him?

What did I ever see in him?

He’s so timid, so insecure, so emasculated.

Like a good bottom he never looks at me.

And always stays on the other side if the gym.

Now its not like I’m going to fuck him on the pec bench!

Nothing could be further from my mind.

But I just don’t get why he would not exchange at least a smile of acknowledgement.

Like hello!

I’ve had my tongue up your ass and spunked all over your face.

But no.


Not even a hint of a smile.

Maybe I was a crap shag?

Maybe he wants to forget all about me?

Was I a crap shag?


Looked hot

Dressed good

Smelled good

Rimmed him

Choked him

Slapped him

Throat fucked him

Pounded him

Yep, the full repertoire.

Oh… yeah… there was that.

I”m not sure if he came.

Now I always like my bottoms to come.

But he was just so….so girlie.

I’m not sure clits can have erections.

Can they?

Who cares!

Really if he wanted to come he should have got hard.

But these uber subs are so timid that they are practically inverted!

Anyway, I’m going to put this whole sorry episode behind he.

But I do need closure.

So I’m going to pound his ass in the showers!

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