BDSM cheatingCheating.

It’s a dirty word.

He’s a cheater, a low down dirty cheater!

Who wants to be called a cheater?

No one…… I guess.

It carries so much baggage, that word.

But really, I mean, is it always bad to cheat?

Take my friend Aaron.

Poor kid, literally, very poor.

Stuck in a dead end job, trying to make ends meet in an expensive city.

So he’s shacked up with some guy.

Who treats him good.

Puts a roof over his head.


Aaron wants to feel like a low down dirty slut.

To be used.



To please and serve.

Sadly, the boyfriend is just not able for it.

The boyfriend is a caring, loving, good man.

Thats why he chases Doms on Recon.

Guys who will tie him up and hurt him good.

He has one rule.

No marks, lest he give his sordid game away.

Though I think he would actually quite like that.

Get it all out in the open and get punished.

I don’t feel any guilt when I fuck him.

I’m giving him what he needs.

Keeping him happy and sated.

In a strange way, I’m also helping out his boyfriend.

By giving him his fix, I”m keeping them together.

Would I want to know if my other half was getting owned by half of Dublin?

Who’s to say that he doesn’t already know?

Maybe this is some kind of ‘arrangement’?

It’s impossible to keep a secret in Dublin.

Who are we kidding?

I’m sure he does know.

It gets him off to know that Aaron is out there getting fisted and whipped?

Note to self *I need a new crop*.

Isn’t that true love?

Allowing your demented submissive cum slut of a boyfriend to spread his hole?

That sounds like true love to me.


2 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. LOL. It sounds like true love to me too. But, and this is always controversial, I do feel that monogamy in the traditional sense is ‘dead in the water’ for many couples. Shoot me now, but it’s how I feel. That said, every couple and everyone’s expectations are different.

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