Bottoms that can’t come

hot gay bottom

There are few things in life more satisfying than making a bottom cum.

Seeing his hard cock throb with every thrust.

Pre cum oozing out.

Aching to cum.

Yep, its a hot sight.

hard bottom

I consider myself a hot top.

An attentive hot.

If Im doing my job right, my bottom is always hard.

So you can imagine when my bottom is as soft as a queen’s wrist I feel perturbed.

soft bottom

What am I doing wrong?

Thrusting- Yes.

Pounding at right angle- Yes.

Super hard dick in him- Yes.

Looking hot- Yes.

Smelling of sex- Yes.

Throwing him about- Yes.

Dominating him- Yes.

Being attentive to his needs- hmmm….

hot sex

I can’t be.

If I was he would be hard.

Would’t he?

What was I not doing?

Maybe I needed to be more sleazy?





More verbal

Hot wax on nipples

Still nothing…..

rough fucking

I’m not normally one for self doubt during sex.

I’m too busy enjoying the moment.

But there is only so long I can fuck ass for.

After 45 minutes of being in him I had to cum.

All over him pretty face.

cum facial

So there we are, laying there.

Catching our breath.

And I’m thinking – was I any good?

He laying there looking a sweaty mess.

Very hot.

Normally I’d ask him if he wanted to shower AKA time you left.

shower sex

But instead I asked- do you want to cum?

His answer- I don’t cum.

Well fancy that!

He doesn’t cum!

You’d think he was a married woman!

Subs today!

sissy sub


7 thoughts on “Bottoms that can’t come

  1. Loved this… Thanks for posting it bro.

    You hit all the points. As a power bottom myself, I’m on the other side doing my damnedest to milk the top in every way I can – tightening up when he doesn’t expect it, loosening it so he can glide and lose himself – ya know, doin’ what a good bottom should do. For me, it ain’t over until he says it is. One down … want another? It’s on. A solid day of fucking around? Bring it. Whatever it takes to keep him satisfied that’s what works. Why? Because its an erotic dance – and like it or not – no one really likes to dance alone. Time was in my past I danced with a fucking troupe of men and was happy to do so. Peeps could slut shame me, I suppose (if they knew), but I never paid that any mind. I’ve never been one to listen to that. I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do. My hubster knows I am down with whatever he wants to do.

    So yeah, great post. It captured the whole essence of the moment. Cheers, bro! Ya got it goin’ on.

  2. I’m one of those bottoms who can’t cum when I’m with a guy, but for me, it doesn’t really matter. I’m happy just making the top cum and making him feel really good. I love getting fucked- it feels amazing and I love being dominated by a hot top. So the top is doing nothing wrong, it’s just how my body works.

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