Falling in love

No! Not me.

Other guys.

They’re always falling in love with me.

What’s not to love?


Who am I talking about?

Bottoms of course.


I know what you’re thinking.

The big headed gee bag !

But the truth is that young bottoms often fall in love with older tops.

It’s a universal truth: insecure bottoms are attracted to confident tops.

Now this is not always a bad thing.

Not when you’re a horny top who wants to fuck a hot tight bottom.

But when they tell you that they ‘really’ like you…..

You need to stamp on that shit right away.


Twinks are for mercilessly fucking.

Not for falling head over heels for.

Do I look like a dirty old man?

I’m a bleeding legge!

A young twink has no business falling in love with a man old enough to be his dad.

Dad not ‘daddy’!

A twink should fall in love with a guy his own age.

A person to discover the world with.


So who do horn dog tops fall in love with?

Good question.

Can I love?

Am I so old and wretched that I can not longer feel the buzz of love?

Just the thrill of the chase?

Chasing is a lot more fun than the boring normality of relationships.

It certainly takes a lot less effort to chase a hot ride than it does to maintain a relationship.

When I want to be with a guy it’s my loins that are speaking.

Not my heart.

At what age should you learn the difference between love & lust?


Do we ever learn this lesson?

Anyhow, back to my hot needy bottom.

I’m going to send him packing.

After one last ride.

He is hot after all!

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