When tops bottom

pain gayI’m a ‘top’……mostly.

Or should I say, I mostly top. But I don’t identify as being a ‘top’, I just happen to top.

Get me?

I’m really quite enviously of bottoms.

Look at them groaning and moaning as they get oinked!

So every once in a while I bottom.

Truth is, I’m not a great bottom.

I’m all: ‘take it slow, not so hard, more lube!!’

Nothing like what you see in porn.

But anyway, I decided I needed to get my ass taken care of.

It’s not easy for me to find a man I’m willing to let top me.

I’m very, VERY selective.

Can’t be too big.

Can’t be dominant! I like to be in charge, even when I’m getting my ass stuffed full of cock.

Oh and he needs to be a total ride.

So anyway, there we are, getting down to it.

I’m face down, ass up- thats the way I like to fuck- and I realise that what I really need is a cock to suck on while I get fucked.

To take my mind off the (initial) pain.

So we put out an APB- top required asap.

GRINDR to the rescue- and then we were three.

Guess what…. I hated it.

I had thought I would be like a porno power bottom.


It was nothing like porn at all.

Every time he thrust into me it made me want to bite.

Biting isn’t good, when your mouth is full of cock.

Imagine him trying to explain that down at the emergency room!


So I’m not a ‘top’ but I’m really not a ‘bottom’ either.

But I endured, three come shots later I was back on the tram, heading home with a sore ass.

How do bottoms manage it? Are they really having fun or just faking it?

I’m sure you women know all about faking it, being married to ‘straight’ men and all that…..

But us gay men are clueless about faking……unless we’re faking being straight!

Come on, tell us bottoms, how do you do it!

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