Hot Daddy

Hot DaddyIt was a mistake!

I couldn’t help myself.

He was to blame.

I was seduced.

The harlot!

Ok, I admit it, I fucked up.

I screwed the receptionist.

Yes I know, I’m going to really regret it.

But his ass…. Oh My Gawd his ass!

So pert, so firm, so vulnerable!

So tight!

And he’s so shy, insecure and needy.

He’s perfect!

Daddy & Twink

Was it worth it?

Well he is getting a bit clingy and over familiar.

And rather than making eye contact when we talk, he stares at my crotch.

I don’t know whether I should banish him to to the copier room..

Or just fuck him again to get it out of his system.

And mine.

No, you’re right…. I should just fire his ass.

Just kidding!

Yes, its true.

I’m old enough to be his father.

I’ve finally become a ‘Hot Daddy’.

Do I feel like a ‘Hot Daddy’?

Do I even look like one?

I must, though I thought they all looked like Max Vos?

Max is going to have to become my mentor.

Teach me the ways of hot-daddy-dom.

I’m going to need to grow a beard.

Bulk up.

Earn more money……

Drive a fast car.

But can I pull it off?

Do I have it in me?

I mean younger guys….

They can be totally insufferable.

All Justin Bieber and vodka shots.

Brings out the sadist in me.

What is the alternative to be a ‘Hot Daddy’?

Just an Old Queen?

I’m going to be the best damn Hot Daddy in Dublin!

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